Westie-L is an Internet discussion list that is currently being hosted by YahooGroups.

The "L" was originally started back in 1996 for Westie fanciers from around the world to meet and talk about their favourite subjects ... Westies!!!

This list has quite a large membership - over 900 Westie lovers from all around the world, from all walks of life and experience! There are some very experienced Westie owners and some highly regarded breeders on the list. There are also those who are just setting out on their journey in the enchanting, wonderful world of Westies. Our sincere hope is that if you decide to join our Westie community, you have fun getting to know all of them.

As this site progresses, we will be showcasing the Westies from the list in their own gallery. We will also be providing links and information to various Westie-related organizations, fundraisers, upcoming events and goodies.

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This page includes links to Westie goodies on the 'net, as well as free patterns, recipes, etc., as provided by list members.

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