Dog Coat Knitting Pattern

Provided by List Member Cher from the UK.


This I made using two contrasting 100grm balls of Double Knit Wool and UK needles sizes 10's and 8's two stitch holders.

K .. Knit
P .. Purl
G..garter stitch ..knit every row:
rws ... rows: 
patt .. Pattern:
inc ..increase
st .. Stitch 
dec .. Decrease
P2 tog ... Purl two stitches together purlwise
K2tog ... Knit two stitches together Knitwise

Pattern with Border, thus: K5, Knit 2 Purl 2 rib to last 5 sts K5

Rep .. Repeat

Using Main Colour

Starting at the bottom using size 10 needles cast on 80sts, and G:5rws., change to size 8 needles and keeping patt correct....*patt for 18rows, and inc 1st at each end of the next two rows. As I said keep the borders and K2 P2 rib correct**. Rep: from * -** once more. Rep: from *-** once more BUT for only 8 rows this time.


First Front Side.

Pattern the first 15sts turn, put the rest of the work onto a stitch holder, and knit Keeping to the pattern with NO more shapings for 21 rows. Break yarn and leave stitches on second stitch holder.

The Back

Now return to the first holder, rejoin the yarn, and pattern across stitches leaving 15 stitches on the holder for the other front side. 

Patt 23rws, Break yarn and leave sts on 2nd stitch holder..

Second Front Side

Finally from the first stitch holder complete second front to match the first front. Now Pattern across all stitches from both holders included so that you have one side the back and the other side complete with garter stitch borders at either end all on the one needle....patt for 4rws.


This part is quite easy, keeping the 5 G sts correct at each end dec every one of your knit 2 purl 2 rib stitches so that they now are K1 P1 so K2 tog and P2tog to last 5 sts G st these 5


Change to size 10 needles. And Stocking Stitch every row for 4 rws. Break off main yarn and join in Contrast colour - or keep to all one colour if you prefer - 

Now in 1 x 1 rib, rib for 26 rws. Then G st every row for 5 rows, and cast off loosely.


First of all, check for all the little ends where you joined in the wool, and sew them in and make neat. Then fold so that the right side is together and the inside is facing you, you will notice that the work curves slightly just about where the leg holes are, over sew, the two sides together from about ½ inch below where the leg holes are, to about 1½ - 2 inches from the ribbed collar. opening.....try it on your dog, sew up a bit more if it is too loose.....

OH and one word of warning, if you have a Male Dog, don't sew it up too far down, or when you are out and he just happens to want to water a post somewhere, he'll end up with a wet coat. Remember his little sprinkler is nearly halfway up his tummy.... >Grin<.

Girls are fine, they squat, and you can sew quite a way down!

Not the best of models, as they won't keep still.


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