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Furthermore, Westie World does not recommend and/or endorse any breeders, nor is responsible for any information you may obtain by visiting sites and/or making contacts outside of Westie World.

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For a listing of Canadian breeders by province, visit the CWHWTC's website by clicking on the "Breeder Referral - Canada" link further down on this page. Once there, choose which province you would like to get a listing of breeders for, then click on the email address listed there and send an email to the address provided. You should then receive an automatic response from the CWHWTC with a listing of breeders in that province.

For breeder referral in the US, click on the link further down to be taken to the breeder referral page of the WHWTCA.

Please ensure you read the disclaimer on the CWHWTC and WHWTCA sites very carefully, as they cannot, and do not endorse any breeders. The responsibility is yours to check out any and all breeders you may contact, and/or possibly enter into any agreement with, to purchase a puppy or older Westie.

The CWHWTC, along with the WHWTCA, provide some excellent articles and advice about finding a Westie, and what to look for in a reputable and ethical breeder; who in a nutshell, is someone who takes care and plans their breedings very, very carefully, and will stand behind their breeding for the life of any and all Westies they bring into this world.

Unfortunately, there are breeders in all breeds who "claim" to be reputable breeders, when they are far from it! Sadly, there are some who are less than honest regarding any hereditary diseases and/or conditions that may exist in their lines, and will not stand behind their breeding.

In a number of instances, its impossible to know if there are problems until you have a litter, and even then, some of these problems may not appear until much later on, with some of them perhaps not becoming evident until the Westie is quite a bit older. No breeder can give you a 100% guarantee against health problems. However, an ethical, reputable breeder, should, if a problem appears, stand behind their breeding and be there for you throughout the Westie's lifetime. They will not ignore your phone calls, emails, etc., and should be only too happy to talk to you. If health issues arise in puppies, in many instances, they will either refund all or most of your purchase price, or offer you another puppy from a future litter. The really caring breeders will be there for emotional support also.

Most breeders will first require you to complete a puppy questionnaire in order to get on their waiting list, and will want to meet you and get to know you before letting one of their precious babies go to live with you.

Beware of breeders who "sell" their Westies over the Internet without even wanting to meet you. The ideal situation would be for you to meet with the breeder in their home and meet their Westies. Making contact by phone and getting a Westie shipped to you without meeting at least one of the parents and the breeder is not a recommended way to get a Westie. Seeing the breeder in their own environment, whereby you can see how they interact with their Westies, ask them questions, look at the facilities the breeder has, is in our very humble opinions the only steps you should take to adding a Westie to your family.

Please ensure you check any and all breeders you contact very thoroughly, ask lots of questions, and if you do get a puppy from them, ensure you have everything in writing; this means a written contract. Do NOT accept any "guarantees" and/or "promises" that may be given verbally, as should anything go wrong, it will essentially be your word against theirs.

The saying, "Let the buyer beware," is never more true than when it comes to purchasing a pure-bred dog.

Below are links to some excellent articles that we feel should be required reading for anyone who may be considering getting a Westie. All links will open in a new browser window:

  Getting a Westie
  Breeder Referral - Canada
  Acquiring a Westie
  Breeder Referral - US

Is a Westie right for you? Take the Westie Profiler and see.

Adopting an older Westie is an alternative option you may wish to consider. If you are interested in rescuing a homeless Westie, visit one of the following sites in Canada and the US for more information.

  Westie Rescue of Canada
  National Westie Rescue (a committee of the Westie Club of America)

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