Westie World Forum


Westie World's Forum is is an web-based, online "community." It has a number of message/bulletin boards for members to use for discussing all aspects of the world of Westies. There are also chat rooms available for use by forum members for casual get togethers. This is not a mailing list - you do have to go online to use it.

For the message boards, you have to go in and read and/or post messages. This cannot be done offline at this time. When replying to posts in the forum, you have the option of posting your comments publicly or sending them by email. If sent by email, your response will only be sent by email to the person whose post you are replying to - not to the entire thread.

This is a private forum and is available to members only. Although you may subscribe under an nickname and "anonymous" email address (HotMail, Juno, Netscape, etc.), if you choose to subscribe in this manner, you will be required to provide to Westie World your full name and your "real" email address and we will verify that information before subscribing you.

If you are interested in subscribing and would like to know more, please go to the next page.



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