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    This section is all about the joys and occasional tribulations of living with Westies. From the often noisy first night home, to housebreaking, getting them to eat, and enjoying their company at organized (and not-so-organized) activities.

Westies are highly intelligent and adaptable. This can sometimes be, however, a wee bit of a "problem" as they're bright enough and active enough to sometimes outsmart us - the owners! By sharing our experiences and techniques, we can make it easier for new Westie owners to create a high quality of life for themselves and their Westies. Those of us who are not new to being owned by a Westie may also find some hints and tips that hadn't occurred to us before!

If you have anything to share that will help other Westie owners to deal with issues that come up when one is owned by Westies, we would love to hear from you. Please refer to the section, Submitting Articles, for more details.
Health Issues and Caring For Westies
The Bittersweet Tale of Christa's Tail
Nutrition and Diet
The Why, What and How of the Best Nutrition for the Health of Westies
Westie Tails
Windsor Takes a Plane Ride!
The Badger Hunt
The Secret Rulebook of Puppyhood ... aka Puppy Tactics
Westies as Drovers
Tails of the Shetland Westies
I Am Your Puppy
Nutrition and Diet
ARF4Westies (This is a link to a website devoted to ARF/BARF for Westies)
Wing-N-Wave Labradors Canine Nutrition
Practical Canine Nutrition

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