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Submitting Articles
Official Breed Standard
As approved by the Canadian Kennel Club.
Living With Westies
This section is all about the joys and occasional tribulations of living with Westies. From the often noisy first night home, to housebreaking, getting them to eat, and enjoying their company at organized (and not-so-organized) activities.
Breeder's Corner
In this part of Westie World, you will find articles, links and photos about issues of importance to those who breed Westies. Genetics, mating, whelping, and hereditary problems are only some of the issues that are and will be covered.
Westie Competitive Activities
This section will include various articles related to the competitive world of sports involving your Westie - including conformation and obedience. Here you will also find information about upcoming shows and events.
Westie Fun Activities
This section of Westie World will be devoted to all fun things you can do with and for your Westie. Details of fun activities and upcoming events will be found here. Here is also where you will eventually find fun-related competitions and contests to enter.
Westie Wisdom
By popular demand - a column to answer YOUR questions about Westies!
Miss Jane will answer questions about obedience, behaviour problems, safety, some nutritional tips, compatibility with other dogs and animals, etc.
Westie World Forum
An online web-based, private forum where Westie lovers everywhere can meet and discuss their favourite subjects. There are 16 different Westie message boards in one, convenient location.

ATTENTION AOL USERS! Please ensure that you change your mail settings to receive email from Otherwise, the email sent to you with instructions on how to access the forum could get bounced back to us.
Alternative Therapies
This is an area of Westie World that concerns itself with providing you with articles, links and resources pertaining to complementary medicine for your Westie.

This section of currently being updated both with content, and a new coordinator.
Westie Rescue
A sad fact of life - there are Westies who for one reason or another have been abandoned ... or worse. Here you will find articles about the process of rescuing Westies and what exactly is involved with Westie Rescue. You will also find detailed links to rescue organizations.
Westie World Book Shops
We now have US and UK bookshops online! A new Canadian bookshop will be online soon.
Rainbow Bridge Tributes
This is one area that you need to prepare yourself for before entering. There's sad poems, a couple of links and some very touching, personal tributes from people whose Westies are now at Rainbow Bridge.
Is there something you would like to see on Westie World? Don't be shy ... email us with your suggestions. And if you have something you would like to share with us, articles, tips, photos, etc., then please go to the Submitting Articles section for more details.

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