Westie World is very proud to support the fundraising efforts of
Westie Rescue of Canada (WRC) - a Canada-wide, Westie rescue organization.

Until January 2000, there was no formal Westie rescue organization in
Canada. A number of Westie lovers throughout the country conducted rescue
activities independently within their local areas, and a few of them still do.

However, the founders of WRC felt there was a real and obvious need for a
national, organized effort, and so Westie Rescue of Canada was born.

With your help and support, we can help them make a difference to those
Westies who so desperately need their help, and have nowhere else to turn.

If you know of a Westie in need, or would like more
information about the organization,
click here.

As with all rescue organizations, funds are sorely needed to support
their efforts to find permanent and loving new homes for Westies
who for one reason or another, find themselves homeless.
Please help us to support this worthwhile cause!

You can help WRC raise funds in many ways. If you would like to donate to
them directly, you can click on the PayPal logo below

You can also help by shopping online
through their website and buying one (or more)
of their gorgeous tote bags. Or, you can use one of the links they
provide to various online companies they are affiliated with,
and who give WRC a small commission on all items purchased
by entering their sites though the links listed.

WRC's US bookstore will be online in the not-too-distant future,
however, if you click on the B&N link on their site, WRC will get a
commission on items ordered.

These are only a few ways you can help.

Please visit their website for more details.

With your generousity and support, we can make a difference!


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Westie Rescue of Canada
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